Onward 4 Educators

We know that the key driver of the success of Catholic Education in the LA Archdiocese is a dedicated and talented team of teachers and administrators. To honor the commitment of our teachers and administrators and to build their capacity in 2019 we introduced two new programs under the umbrella of Onward 4 Educators.

First, the Onward 4 Educators Program honors educators in the Los Angeles Catholic schools by providing professional development grants to teachers and principals. Secondly, Onward 4 Educators provides scholarships for the children of the staff of selected deaneries and schools in the ADLA who attend ADLA Catholic schools.

The professional development grants are open to all teachers and principals in ADLA Archdiocesan and parish elementary and high schools as well as to teachers and principals from Verbum Dei High School and St. Mary’s Academy.  The maximum grant is $1,000. The applications are processed and approved by the Department of Catholic Schools and the grants are issued by The John H. and Cynthia Lee Smet Foundation. In 2020, there will be $30,000 available for professional development grants. Educators will be able to choose among a list of high impact activities that the Onward 4 Excellence team generates.

The second focus of Onward 4 Educators is tuition assistance for the children of staff members of Parish and Archdiocesan schools (teachers, principals, coaches, office staff, etc.) in deaneries 9, 15, 16, and 17, St. Mary’s Academy, and Verbum Dei High School. The children of these staff members may attend any Catholic school in ADLA; they do not need to attend the school where their parents work. The Catholic Education Foundation will administer the Onward 4 Educators tuition assistance program. Onward 4 Educators Applications will be sent directly to eligible schools in deaneries 9, 15, 16, and 17, St. Mary’s Academy and Verbum Dei High School. Staff may pick up an application through their respective schools. Please see the CEF website for more information on how to apply.  The grants for children in grades K to 8 are $1,000 and the grants for children in high school are $2,000. Please note that this tuition assistance is not needs based.  The Smet Foundation wants to encourage and support the staff working in schools that serve our neediest young Angelenos. There will be $300,000 available for tuition assistance in the 2020-2021 school year.